Jalen Ramsey Gets His Baby Momma A Birthday Rolex, ‘Icier Than Me!’

Jalen Ramsey

Birthday Rolex For My Baby Momma

… ‘Icier Than Me!’

4/5/2019 8:09 AM PDT

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Forget being the best DB in the NFL … Jalen Ramsey is gunnin’ for best BF honors — ’cause the Jacksonville Jaguars superstar got his baby momma a DOPE Rolex for her birthday!!!

Of course, JR is famously dating Giants WR Golden Tate‘s sister — Breanna Tate — and for her cake day … he got her some ICE for her wrist.

Unclear which make and model the Rollie is … but similar gold & diamond Rolexes run in the $35,000 range!!!!!

“My Queen gon stay fresher & icier than me I PROMISE,” Ramsey wrote of the gift.

24-year-old Jalen and Breanna have been going strong for a while now … and the two just had a little baby girl together last summer.

In fact, Jalen missed a portion of Jags training camp last season for the birth of their child, writing, “family is among the most important things in my life.”

Listen, all you other NFL BFs out there … STEP YOUR GAME UP!!!

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