Fake Timmothy Pitzen, Brian Michael Rini, Detained in Missing Child Case

Fake Timmothy Pitzen

Brian Rini Detained

In Bizarre Missing Child Case

4/5/2019 6:39 AM PDT

The guy cops say posed as missing child Timmothy Pitzen is now getting all the attention he wants … in jail. 

Brian Michael Rini got busted in Hamilton County, Ohio late Thursday night, and his mug shot raises a lot of questions. The 23-year-old who posed as Timmothy — who would now be 14 years old — is rocking a 5:00 shadow! 

The case just gets more and more bizarre.

ICYMI … Rini called 911 on Wednesday and claimed to be Timmothy, who went missing 7 years ago — a case that drew national attention, and was even recently featured on the A&E show, “Live PD.” Local cops and the FBI responded and picked up Rini … but immediately did DNA testing to confirm if he was really Timmothy.

On Thursday, the test came back negative, and law enforcement knew they had an impostor. It’s still unclear what Rini’s motive was and what he’s being charged with for pretending to be Timmothy — but we know the U.S. Attorney’s Office is on the case. So, he’s going to be charged federally.

He was detained Thursday night in Ohio, and the feds have scheduled a news conference for 8:30 AM PT … which TMZ will live stream in this post.

Rini, as it turns out, has a lengthy rap sheet. He just got out of jail a month ago after doing 18 months for vandalism and burglary. He’s also been convicted of unauthorized use of a vehicle.

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