Fashion Flash Blogger Roundup – The Makeup Obsessed Mom

Hi Everyone! Happy Monday! Iโ€™m ready and Iโ€™m not ready for a new week. My daughterโ€™s wedding weekend was one of the best weekendโ€™s ever. Now itโ€™s time for me to get back to my normal life and my normal routines (and to start on a better diet).

Monday Motivation quote โ€“ photo credit Facebook


This weekโ€™s Fashion Flash Blogger Roundup is being hosted by Sheila of Painted Ladies. I highly suggest you go over and see all of this weekโ€™s blog posts. Sheila has an amazing blog. She is so incredibly talented and creative. She inspires me to live my best life!

Have a wonderful week and donโ€™t let anyone get away with pulling an April Foolโ€™s Day prank on you!!

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