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Lip Filler Long Wearing + Plumping Lip Liner


The lip liner I have is in the shade Jessie. It’s supposed to line and plump your lips. It’s creamy, long wearing, waterproof and is supposed to hydrate your lips.



Jessie is so incredibly light so it’s hard for me to gauge how I truly feel because it kind of cancels out my own lip color. I don’t really necessarily think this is more hydrating or lasts on my lips longer than another lipliner. But I do like that it is a mechanical liner with a built in sharpener. I’m just not quite sure it’s drastically different from other lip liners that I use.


Headliner Lipstick


I have two lipstick shades…Stephanie and Ilene. They sent me Stephanie, which I thought was really sweet and thoughtful since it’s my namesake.
Thrive Causemetics Lipstick

Two Swatches On Right: L: Stephanie R: Ilene

You can see, though, how light Stephanie is. I ordered Ilene and absolutely love it! It’s a great neutral shade. And can we just give them props for using magnetic packaging?? LOVE IT!! This is supposed to be a line filling lipstick that hydrates, smooths and plumps your lips. It also has a built-in primer for long-lasting wear. They feel good on the lips and are a bit matte yet don’t dry out my lips. I like that a lot. I don’t feel like they last a super long time though. Overall, I like this lipstick formula.


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