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First of all, I missed you guys so much!!! You have no idea how much I appreciate you guys respecting my quiet times (a.k.a reflecting / growing)

I want to start by telling you that 2018 has been a whirlwind for me. Too many ups and downs that sometimes I don’t understand. Sometimes it gets difficult to have a public life because you don’t know how to tell your followers that you’re a human being and the same way you have amazing days, you sometimes don’t even want to go outside home. You’ve seen me grow through all my success and failures and that’s why I feel it’s necessary to explain the creative shift my social media is taking (and everything that’s going through my creative mind)


Being vulnerable, is what makes us connect as human beings. 


We are changing and evolving all the time. Sometimes you realize, but most of the times you don’t. We’re always moving, our tastes changing, our personalities getting closer and closer to what we really are and all these changes imply having the strength to accept that what was yesterday, is not today.

I must confess that Instagram for the last few years became a bit boring – creatively – for me. It’s very difficult as an influencer to find the perfect balance between creating authentic content and getting high engagement.

Because of the algorithm, it is increasingly difficult to reach you and that makes me sad. When faced with that difficult decision to go against the current, to break the rules, I went and followed my intuition risking everything I’ve built in the past 6 years by giving myself the chance to change the creative direction of my social media.

I feel very fortunate to have a platform that allows me to express my creative side without censorship. That’s why I needed a creative shift the same time I’m changing and growing into the vision I have for myself. 

DearMilano is a reflection of my soul and personality and my mission as a creative is to inspire and never stop creating.

That means change and evolution is always going to come. Beyond a “pretty picture” lays a story, a story that needs to be told in a very creative, unique and authentic way. 


I feel it’s time to break the rules, the Instagram rules, and return to the beautiful process of creating worth-seeing visual content. 


Sometimes it’s really hard for me to process the thought that my creative content is being measured by likes and comments more than what it really is. But don’t get me wrong, deep inside I have the feeling the algorithm is a good thing for all of us, because in the near future, you will only consume content that you really want to see.  

That’s why is very important that you engage and interact with the IG accounts that you really love so that Instagram can keep showing you the content. I’m explaining all of this because I want you to truly understand what made me change my feed and have more fun with it. 

I’m creating visual stories instead of focusing in only one photo. That way, when you visit my profile you will understand the whole context and story. You will start to see that I post a total pink photo or that I post three photos at the same time, don’t get scared! Haha It’s just me storytelling through images. 

All of this changes and evolution of my feed comes with the need of showing you great content, high quality content, not just a photo to get likes. I respect you guys so much that I’ll never post something mediocre. 

The good side of all of this is that now I can really see you! Because when you like three of my photos I can see your name more and it makes it easier for me to find you on my notifications 🙂

Change is always good and to be honest, I really needed that new fresh air creatively. With time you will understand it better because “let the work speak for you”, but for now, thank you for all your support through my creative evolution. 

Remember to always make your own rules, never let the world tell you how to do your thing, because only you know how to do it. 

If your soul is asking you for a creative shift don’t be afraid to take the leap, if you have a story to tell go do it, your way, in an authentic way. Being authentic (YOU) is the only way to stand out from the crowd.


Take a look of my new vibe 🙂


With love and glitter,


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