Cardi B Used To Jack “Johns” By Drugging Them, Then Robbing Them

(AllHipHop Rumors) I am pretty sure Cardi B suffers from some form of PTSD, you know, the hood type. The disorder is most associated with soldier returning home from war and the after affects, but I am sure some of our urban blight resembles war zones. So, it comes as no shocker that she Cardi blacks out from time to time. The Bronx native goes mad from time to time, especially when people try to say she didn’t earn her way to the top.

In fact, she may have talked a bit too much in one of her old posts. In this clip she goes wild, talking about her meteoric rise and all the struggle that came with it. She also talks about pretending to sell her kitty kat and luring unsuspecting Johns to the hotel for some sex. But, just when they think they’d get some from the former stripper, she says she’d drug them. And then she steals their bread without having sex with them.

Anyway, this has become a “thing” online, but I am not sure why. They are trying to buy sex (illegal) and she is robbing them without having sex (also illegal). Don’t they cancel themselves out? I think men are looking for any chance to have a reverse “me-too,” but this ain’t it IMO!

By the way, Cardi has started to sue these people that charge that she was a prostitute, passing herpes, doing drugs and more. One blogger even said that Cardi caused her daughter Kulture mental harm by doing drugs when she was preggers. Looks like the women will all have a date in court.


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