Kamala Harris plans an ‘unprecedented federal investment’ in teachers with a nationwide pay raise

As teachers nationwide have resorted to striking for budget restoration or leaving the profession all together amidst budget cutbacks, low pay and low morale, Sen. Harris is calling for a massive investment in education, beginning with a much-needed raise for the people shaping our children and our collective future. 

The Los Angeles Times reports the plan will be unveiled this week, but the basis would be an “unprecedented federal investment in teacher pay because of widespread concern that teaching, a female-dominated profession, is badly underpaid, according to a campaign aide who was not authorized to discuss the plan on the record.”

YES! YES! YES! Stay tuned for specifics, but this is a smart move from the Harris campaign and will likely draw the attention of the nation’s teachers, who have been mobilizing from Seattle to Oklahoma, who are showing the power of grassroots organizing and good old fashioned work stoppages. 

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