‘Shazam!’ Star Zachary Levi Scolds Pushy Autograph Hound at LAX

Zachary Levi

‘Shazam!’ Star Says Scram

To Pushy Autograph Hound

3/22/2019 6:43 AM PDT

Zachary Levi felt a grown man seeking his autograph got a little too up close and personal … so he told him to beat it.

The “Shazam!” star arrived at LAX Thursday night to a swarm of fans and graphers wanting him to sign their merch. Levi was happy to oblige … except for the guy in sunglasses shoving a photo in his face.

Check out the clip — the DC Comics superhero argues with the bearded man about his intentions … then scolds him for pushing people around. The autograph hound disagrees on both accounts.

Zachary also appears to deny a fan a selfie before hopping in his getaway ride, but it’s a lot more friendly.

Unclear how many of these fans said the magic word … “please.”

BTW … “Shazam!” stars Levi as the adult superhero version of a 14-year-old foster kid who transforms into him when he shouts the film’s title. It comes out April 5.

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