Jessie James Decker Opens Up About Her Weight-Loss Journey After Posting Cheeky Beach Pic

Country singer Jessie James Decker wowed fans this week with a sexy swimsuit pic on Instagram.

She told us, “I was just being cheeky, I guess you could say.”

Decker, who is the mother of Vivianne, 5, Eric II, 3, and Forrest, 11 months, revealed she has lost 25 lbs. on the South Beach Diet… but it hasn’t always been easy.

Jessie explained, “I’ve been very open and honest about my journey through breastfeeding and trying to lose weight and work out and having those moments where I feel like it’s not coming off fast enough, and so I am to the point where I feel really good about where I am at.”

Decker also dished on her life with husband Eric, and their cozy bedtime routine.

“We’ll have our popcorn in bed and watch Netflix or ‘American Idol’ and just be together,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jessie is all about spreading joy these days through her partnership with Hallmark and their “Cards Do More” campaign.

“I felt like it was the perfect organic relationship, just because we believe in the same thing — making someone feel good, letting them know you’re thinking about them, making them feel special. Send them a card just for any old thing.”

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