Tom Brady Bombs Down Ski Slope, Patriots Fans Freak Out

Tom Brady

Bombs Down Ski Slope

… Pats Fans Freak Out

3/21/2019 8:29 AM PDT

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Well, this ain’t what you wanna see if you’re a Patriots fan … Tom Brady bombing his way down a mountain on skis!!!

The 41-year-old QB is out in Montana with his family for their annual ski trip — and decided to take a run down a pretty large mountain. 

“A little downhill this morning,” Brady posted along with the video … “now we just need to find the jump.”

It appears Brady is the skier in the blue jacket based on his size — either way, everyone on the hill is going pretty damn fast. 

So, how are Pats fans reacting? Just as you’d expect … CONCERN!!!

“Hey. Stop” one fan wrote on Twitter. Here are some other comments …

— “Please slow down. Stay inside” — @hbennett3223

— “Wtf are you doing man?!?! Be safe man” — @cpeters1993

— “I’m sweating watching this” — @j_delano_

— “Killin it Tom just dont break anything especially those fingers gonna needem for another ring” — @jason1287

— “Tom, my heart is beating faster then ever before. Be safe” — @tomfckinbrady

— “Honestly, what the hell are y ou doing to us Tom!! Gonna have a heart attack” — @livkirby

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