Kwame Brown Rips 1-And-Done Rule, You Can Shoot A Gun But Not Play In NBA!?

Kwame Brown

Rips 1-&-Done Rule

You Can Shoot A Gun But Not Play In NBA!?

3/21/2019 12:10 AM PDT


Kwame Brown is callin’ BS on the NBA’s one-and-done rule … telling TMZ Sports, “To tell a young man he can go shoot a gun but he can’t go earn a living, that, to me, doesn’t make any sense.”

Of course, the infamous NBA rule is back making headlines this year after Zion Williamson made it emphatically clear in just a few weeks at Duke he was ready for the pros.

But, the league still has its draft rule in place — saying players need to spend a year in college before they can play for one of its 30 teams — and thus, Zion remains a Blue Devil.

Enter 37-year-old Brown — who went straight from high school to being the No. 1 overall pick in the 2001 NBA Draft when he was selected by the Washington Wizards. 

Brown thinks the 1-and-done rule is just ridiculous — telling us there’s simply no place for it in today’s society.

“Free enterprise,” Kwame says … “Go and get that money.”

As for Brown … we had to ask if he regrets not going to college straight outta high school given his NBA career didn’t flourish the way he expected it to — and his answer was a big, fat HELL NO!!!

“Factor out the numbers, I know economics,” Kwame tells us … “I own four companies!”

Brown ain’t lyin’ … dude did earn more than $50 MILLION in his NBA career!!!

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