Will Nikki Bella Ever Stop Saying Yes to More Work? The WWE Superstar Has a Lot to Consider

Even big-time wrestling stars need a break sometimes! 

This clip from Sunday’s upcoming season finale of Total Bellas catches Nikki Bella during a rare moment of calm—she’s sipping wine with family at a cozy outdoor lounge in Napa Valley—before jetting off to the next leg of her WWE comeback tour. Audiences who’ve followed the Bella Twins’ journey back into the ring this season know Nikki can be something of a workaholic, and usually, she seems to like it that way. But at the start of the new clip, it sounds like she’s been talking to Brie Bella about easing up on the professional commitments a bit.

“Will you please tell Bryan about our conversation we had earlier? Because he won’t believe it when I tell him,” Brie tells Nikki, gesturing to her husband Daniel Bryan sitting beside them. “About you slowing down.”

John Cena‘s ex admits that knowing she can only make a cameo at family functions like these before clocking back into work definitely makes her feel like, “‘Ugh, I wish I didn’t say yes to the tour so I could stay and just enjoy the moment.'”

Still, she explains that being financially independent is a responsibility she takes very seriously.  

“When work doesn’t come around, I don’t have anyone to lean on. Unless I’m gonna knock on the door of my sister or my mom or my brother to be like, ‘Hey, I’m homeless and I can’t pay rent,'” Nikki tells Brie, Bryan, Kathy Colace and J.J. Garcia. “So I say ‘yes’ to a lot knowing that I’m just trying…especially in entertainment, we never know when it’s gonna end.”

“We’re not where we were at 12 years ago. It’s different now,” her sister argues. “Like, you really look at the different opportunities and you think, ‘What is good for me and what can I give 110 percent to?'”

Think Nikki will actually take Brie’s words to heart? See her response in the clip above!

Watch the season finale of Total Bellas this Sunday at 9 p.m., only on E!

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