Will Kristin Cavallari Show Another Uncommon James Employee the Door? Hear Jay Cutler’s Advice

Last week’s cocktail party fiasco might have consequences, and Kristin Cavallari is trying to decide exactly what they’ll look like. 

In this clip from Sunday’s new Very Cavallari, the Uncommon James founder plans her next move as she recounts the evening’s increasingly emotional happenings to her husband Jay Cutler Those who watched the cocktail party unfold during Very Cavallari‘s most recent episode know the drama kicked up when former UJ store manager Kaylee showed up—to the current employees’ collective surprise—after having been rehired by Kristin beforehand.

“Literally, Kaylee walked in and Colby ran out crying,” Kristin tells Jay, referring to UJ’s head of customer service, who left the bar in tears soon after Kaylee arrived. Apparently, Kaylee didn’t realize the women weren’t on good terms, though Colby insisted that she’d mistreated her while they were working together.

The scene that ultimately transpired has Kristin “shocked” and wondering how to approach Colby (who’s worked at UJ since the beginning, the longest of Kristin’s employees) in the new clip.

“Honestly, I was so caught off guard. Like, this is a work thing and you’re doing this in front of me. That is so unprofessional,” she says, adding that if she does decide to discuss the situation with Colby, “It needs to be in a more professional setting and me being like, ‘Hey, what happened the other night is unacceptable.'”

She and Jay seem to be on the same page about that, although her husband might be partial to taking the consequences a step further. “You gotta fire somebody,” he shrugs. Kristin doesn’t think that’s the go-to solution when it comes to managing a team of employees and is especially hesitant given that, in this case, they’re talking about a UJ veteran. Still, Jay advises her to “cut off the head of the snake” (i.e. get rid of the ringleader) to hopefully alleviate social tensions throughout the office.

Hear more of Kristin’s thoughts on what to do about her employees in the clip above! 

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