Tyler Henry Sees a Hot Hookup in Carson Kressley’s Future & Now We’re Blushing!

Tyler Henry might have a future in reverse matchmaking.

Assuming Carson Kressley takes his advice, anyway. The clairvoyant has some thoughts about Carson’s next romantic endeavor in this clip from Thursday’s Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry, which starts with them chatting about the TV personality’s love life.

“So, you’re going to Florida,” Tyler tells him at first. “That’ll end up happening.”

Sitting opposite him, Carson takes a sip of water before letting him know the vacation’s already been planned. “What?! I’m going tomorrow,” says the RuPaul’s Drag Race judge.  

“They’re having me talk about hooking…well, OK!” Tyler laughs.

“I’m gonna have a hookup in Florida!” Carson exclaims. 

“I think your hookup’s awaiting you,” the seasoned foreseer goes on to say. But despite his client’s enthusiasm, Tyler explains this particular fling could be a bit more complicated than it’s worth. 

“I think they’re bringing up this old flame,” Tyler says, “This is good to keep in mind. They’re talking about the Florida trip. They’re having me talk about, like, romantic person partner potential thing, going back and forth. Like, do we? Do we not? Do we? Do we not? Do we? Do we not? And then they’re just like, ‘No.'”

Watching their session from a monitor in the next room, Carson’s friend Lenore says, “Oh good. Thank god.”

“So it’s just good to keep in mind, if there is the chemistry or if there’s an offer, maybe ‘pull back’ would be the message,” he finishes.

Think Carson will heed Tyler’s warning? See his reaction in the clip above!

Watch a brand new episode of Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry Thursday at 8 p.m., only on E!

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