TMG Fresh Recreates Huge Hefner Image in New Video for “Silk Pajamas”

The new video for “Silk Pajamas” has TMG Fresh sharing another glimpse into his life of luxury, but the song’s lyrics show the conflicted feelings he experiences… I just put another crib in escrow/ Time for celebration but who’s there tho?/ Bitches in my phone I don’t care for/ Are these hoes all I left my ex for?

But despite the superficial side of being surrounded by wealth and beautiful models, the video for “Silk Pajamas” embraces opulence, as the scenes shift from the hangar where Fresh keeps his luxury cars, to the breathtaking interior of his private plane. The scene was inspired by the late great Hugh Hefner, as TMG Fresh explained in a recent interview. “I wanted to use an iconic aspect of the Playboy legacy and flip it to tell a bit of my story. There’s this epic old video clip of Hef pulling up to the Playboy jet, in the Playboy limousine, surrounded by Playboy bunnies… we wanted to recreate that feeling.” 

The gorgeous women surrounding Fresh seem more than happy to add their aesthetic to his life of luxury—even though he’s singing and rapping about feeling dissatisfied with that life. Baby mama badder than my new bitch/ But baby mama said she can’t do this/ But she’s the one, I’m talking true shit/ I know it’s too late, but that’s some true shit

Will the fancy cars, planes and bad ones keep his Playboy identity thriving, or is Fresh ready for something more??

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