The Game And Tomi Lahren Go At Each Other! AGAIN!

(AllHipHop Rumors) The Game was brutal to homegirl. Just brutal! Tomi Lahren is somebody I don’t like at all. She’s a bit of a wet dog that managed to clean up and get in the house. She’s got the complexion to overcome the odds, unlike most of the rest of us. You know most people are not blonde haired and blue eyed with the compulsion to get plastic surgery to get ahead in their careers. BUT I DIGRESS! The Game was really tough on Tomi, regardless of us liking her. She called out Game’s name and got the whole download of how he feels!

She responded with, what I consider, a weak retort!

Seems like she is trying to turn the conversation into something different, a maneuver that a lot of white women do. Change the conversation and then make Game seem like he’s a gorilla. After his fight with 40 Glocc, I can see how he’s viewed as a bit of a bully, but this chick stays being out of pocket. Now, she wants to represent girls and women. NAH. Own your ish, baby!

But, this response of hers comes months after The Game’s initial social media assault. I am not sure what her strategy is in that.

He recently explained his thoughts on “The Real” and reminded everybody that he was dissing her based on her views on deportation.

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