Daniel Caesar Calls Out Black People, Defends YesJulz & Blasts Joe Budden

(AllHipHop News) Daniel Caesar decided to go on a drunken rant on Instagram Live. The Grammy winner used his IG account to address other celebrities and black people.

Caesar was sitting with a group of mixed-race friends as he began talking to his phone. The “Best Part” performer started by asking black people why they were being so mean to YesJulz and white people.

Julz got a lot of heat recently when she slammed Scottie Beam and Karen Civil during an interview with the Easily Offended podcast. Some people took issue with Julz, a white woman with a history of making insensitive racial comments, chastising two well-established black women in Hip Hop.

Caesar went on to say anyone that disagrees with him can stop listening to his music. The Canadian vocalist also claimed black people “can’t win the game by choosing to not accept the winning team’s [white people’s] strategy.”

In addition, he blasted Joe Budden before insisting he will still listen to The Joe Budden Podcast. Caesar stated, “Honestly, I’m not really f*cking with them right now because I kinda think he’s full of sh*t, but I’d love to have a conversation about that.”

The reaction online to Daniel Caesar’s IG rant has been overwhelmingly negative. Some black Twitter users referred to him as a coon, a Sambo, and Uncle Ruckus. Others called for him to be “canceled.”

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