Chad Kelly Vacuum Beatdown Video Shows QB Fleeing In Halloween Costume

NFL’s Chad Kelly

Vacuum Beatdown Security Video

QB Ran In Halloween Costume

3/20/2019 10:10 AM PDT


Here’s VIDEO of ex-Denver Broncos QB Chad Kelly being chased out of a Denver-area home by a man wielding a vacuum cleaner tube … all while Kelly’s dressed like an idiot in his Halloween costume. 

Yeah, it’s bizarre. 

It’s all part of Kelly’s criminal case stemming from the bizarre October 22nd arrest — after Kelly left Von Miller‘s big Halloween party and wandered into a random person’s home. 

Cops say the 24-year-old plopped down on the couch next to a woman who was holding her baby. Kelly was allegedly mumbling incoherently. 

The woman called for help — and a man who was inside the house grabbed a piece from a vacuum cleaner and used it as a weapon to chase the QB out of the home, striking him several times along the way. 

In the footage, taken from the security camera at the home — you can see Kelly (apparently dressed as Woody from “Toy Story”) bolting out of the home. 

Kelly was later arrested and charged with felony criminal trespassing.

But on Wednesday, the QB struck deal with prosecutors in which he agreed to plead guilty to a lesser charge of 2nd degree  criminal trespass — a class 3 misdemeanor — and in exchange, the the felony trespass charge was dropped.

As part of the deal, Kelly was also sentenced to 1 year of supervised probation, 50 hours of community service, and fines and fees.

For the Broncos’ part — they released Kelly shortly after the incident, with GM John Elway saying, “Even though Chad’s no longer part of our team, we’ve offered to help him however we can and are supportive of him in every way possible.”

Kelly is currently a free agent looking for another team.

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