Joe Budden And Safaree Are Ready To Fight! But Cyn Jumped In!

(AllHipHop Rumors) WOW! I really need to watch the BS called reality TV. There is so much Fk shyt going on! Look at this!

First of all, I have no Idea what Joe Budden is doing on Love & Hip-Hop still. Dude is a podcaster. Dude is a great rapper. Dude is a bunch of things! But, I hate this reality crap as it relates to talented people. ANYWAY, these dudes are never going to fight, but if they did Joe would win. I think. Even though he got socked in the eye by the Wu dudes, he has a boxing history. Safaree should be happy! He has that bad girl Erica Mena! Be happy! Ya’ll got money!

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