James Harrison Bench Presses 500 Pounds, ‘Got Your B*tch Ass!’

James Harrison

Bench Presses 500 Pounds

… ‘Got Your B*tch Ass!!!’

3/19/2019 3:18 PM PDT

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Did you know there was something in the gym James Harrison COULDN’T do!?

It’s true … he hadn’t joined the 500-pound bench press club — but he changed all that with one hulk-like lift Tuesday … and yeah, it was impressive as hell.

The ex-Steelers superstar loaded up 10 plates and then some on his bar to get up to the half-a-thousand-pound mark … and then he CRUSHED it!!!

Watch the clip … Harrison takes the bar all the way to his chest — and gets it up to full lockout without any help (you watching, Odell???)

You could tell Harrison was super impressed with himself … ’cause he immediately jumped off the bench looking for dap from fellow gym-goers.

“500!! I told you I’d be back for your bi$&h a$$!” James wrote after the lift.

“You just don’t know how many nightmares you gave me – having to relive the failure of not tossing your heavy a$$ off my chest and having to explain to my kids that daddy lost! Lmao JK #500club”

If you’re unfamiliar, James is maybe the most impressive NFL weight lifter ever … routinely tossin’ around iron like he did to offensive tackles.

In fact, remember when he was in the gym at 5 AM after a playoff game in 2017?!?!


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