College Prep Expert Shaan Patel Says Admissions Scandal No Surprise

College Bribery Scandal

Felicity, Lori Arrests Show System’s Flaws

… Says SAT Prep Expert

3/19/2019 1:53 PM PDT


Shaan Patel‘s not shocked or outraged by the recent college admissions scandal, and says the ultimate fallout will be more people — yes, even the filthy rich — opting to take a legal route to higher scores.

Shaan’s company, Prep Expert, really took off after he appeared on “Shark Tank” and convinced Mark Cuban to invest. On Tuesday’s “TMZ Live,” he admitted the college entrance process has always been rigged to favor 1 percenters … hence the $1,000/hr. he’s gotten as a tutor! 

He says the difference between the alleged cheating/bribery scandal and courses like his is simple — results. Make that, LEGAL results — and he claims to have the numbers to back that up. 

Still, he doesn’t dodge the notion that desire to get into name-brand schools — like Harvard, Yale, USC and Stanford — can lead to parents making shady deals.

Ya know, like allegedly paying $500,000 to have your daughters designated as recruits for the crew team … when they don’t actually row.

Translation: the whole process is a racket — has been for a long time — but there are cheaper, less criminal paths to success.

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