Ice Cube Blasts Walt Frazier Over LeBron Comments, ‘That’s Bullsh*t’

Ice Cube

Defends LeBron …

Walt Frazier’s Comments Are ‘Bullsh*t’


You come at the king, you best not miss … and Ice Cube thinks Walt Frazier missed HARD when saying LeBron James doesn’t care about the Lakers … telling TMZ Sports “that’s bullsh*t.”

Frazier went OFF on LBJ during Sunday’s game between the Knickerbockers and LA … saying “when you’re the face of the NBA, you should be more a part of your team.”

“No matter what is going on. In the public, you gotta be a part of the team. Maybe in the locker room you’re not, but you have to exude that type of togetherness in public, folks,” Frazier added. 

“And right now we see he doesn’t really care.”

Cube says the Hall of Famer is WRONG — “LeBron cares, that’s bullsh*t.”

The rap legend doesn’t deny there might be some issues in the locker room … he actually thinks everyone is trade bait at this point.

As for whether Cube’s more confident in his Lakers or his Raiders at this time … you’ll wanna hear his take.

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