Kodak Black Claims He Punched Sticky Fingaz And Took A Fake Gun On A Tour Bus

By: Shirley Ju (@shirju)

(AllHipHop News) Kodak Black has no problem keeping it street.

This past weekend, the “Dying To Live” rapper revealed he recently had a run-in with Onyx rapper Sticky Fingaz.

Sharing to his 7.8M followers on Instagram Live, Kodak states “I ain’t like his old head energy ’cause I don’t really like old people like that. II’m a ’90s baby. I don’t got no respect for y’all.”

He went on to detail what exactly happened, starting from the moment his cousin allowed Fingaz to come on the tour bus. Eventually, the two ended up in an altercation.

Kodak continues, “I punched that ni##a dead in his s##t. I grabbed his bag, right. I threw it. Then I went in that b##ch, he had a gun in there, dawg. When I tried to shoot the n##ga, his gun was fake. I like, man, what the f##k? So he went running. At the same time, why you running for if you know your gun fake? This n##ga an actor ni##a, man.”

Sticky Fingaz has yet to comment, but his Instagram account is being overrun with questions about the incident.

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