DMX Kicks Off Kanye’s Latest Sunday Service with a Prayer


Kicks Off Ye’s Sunday Service

With a Morning Prayer

3/17/2019 3:00 PM PDT

Kanye West‘s weekly “Sunday Service” just had a special guest stop by to lift everyone up in God’s name — it was the big dog himself … Mr. DMX.

X delivered a “morning prayer” Sunday ahead of what has become an outdoor concert of sorts Ye has held every weekend for the past couple months. Check it out … you can tell the rapper has had some practice delivering the good word. He sounds like a seasoned preacher. 

He touches on a few things here — accepting Jesus, blessings, opening doors that were once closed, being highly favored by God, shooting down the devil, etc. It clearly resonated with the crowd, ’cause they were cheering him on as he kept going. 

X is definitely the right guy to deliver a sermon like this too. Aside from being openly religious, he’s been through A LOT of ups and downs in his life, especially lately with his tax evasion case.

BTW … when the music kicked in, it had just about everyone singing and dancing, including young North, who was shaking what her mama, Kim K, gave her … in full diva mode. 

Kanye’s church endeavor has certainly taken off since January, when he was holding these weekly choir meetups indoors and with significantly fewer people. 

Good vibes all around … amen. 

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