YBN Almighty Jay’s Attackers Arrested But There Is A Big Twist

(AllHipHop News) The crew that allegedly attacked YBN Almighty Jay were arrested Wednesday night, but not for the attack on the J. Prince signee.

Zae Numbafive, a person of interest to the cops, and the “Jack Boyz” were arrested in an unrelated case that included attempted murder case and firearm infractions. In the case, a police officer was shot, a crime punishable by life in jail.

In the roundup, members of the crew denied any involvement in the brutal slashing, assault and robbery of Almighty Jay. A pair of crew members admitted to being on the scene when it happened. One of the “Jack Boyz” also expressed that he and Almighty Jay were able to overcome past issues. Jay allegedly told police that he was unable to identify his attackers, but that he was willing to cooperate.

Friday, Jay was brutally attacked. His slashed face required 300 stitches, he was hit in the head with a bottle of Hennessy, kicked in the face numerous time and pummeled. His assailants took his jewels, about $16K in cash, and a pair of his shoes. The attacks were on video.

The matter has spawned numerous responses, including J. Prince, who issued a mandate for New York Hip-Hop artists to help get the attackers. Many of them rebuked the social media request or ignored it altogether. Prince called out Zae Numbafive specifically, as it seemed like they were bragging openly about the robbery.

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