YBN Almighty Jay Shows Off Scar! Mysonne Responds To J. Prince’s Public Request!

(AllHipHop Rumors) When I saw the new face of YBN Almighty Jay, I winced. I didn’t know if it was real or not, but it is on full display in “Let Me Breathe,” his new video. The video, in some ways, reminds us how we got to this point. It starts with Wendy Williams dissing him. Then it shows clips of him with the chick Blac Chyna and then the scuffle that resulted in the buck 50 cut on him. By the way, he required 300 stitches – double a buck 50! Poor dude. It seems like the assailants were trying to get paid by selling the chain back to Blac Chyna. I don’t think they realized they were robbing J. Prince in a sense. That’s J. Prince’s artist. Here is the video:


Here is what Mysonne said. I hope he knows the FEDS are in bed with all social media, especially Facebook and IG. DM is not safe either. It may not be public, but it is not safe.

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