Sherri Shepherd Says Lori Loughlin Was Stupid in College Cheating Scandal

Sherri Sheperd

Lori Loughlin Was Stupid

… All Olivia Wanted to Do Was Party

3/16/2019 7:14 AM PDT


Sherri Shepherd‘s hot take on the college cheating scandal is that the days of “white privilege” are over, and the parents who paid to get unqualified kids into college were just plain dumb.

We got Sherri Friday night in WeHo outside The Laugh Factory, and she went off on the difference between black and white parents. She even thinks white parents who got entangled in Operation Varsity Blues may have taken their cue from white sitcoms. She says such a storyline in black sitcoms is nonexistent.

Bottom line … Sherri says Lori wasted her cash because Olivia wanted nothing to do with USC.

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