E-40 and Milla Join Forces for New Bay Banger “MELT”

E-40 has given us something our summer playlist will have on replay with new song and video “Melt” featuring Milla. In this fire new track the Bay Area icon is seen dressed in white and showing off all of his jewelry while explaining the next level of the drip: the MELT! E-40 is known for his fast lyrics and hard beats, and while he is famous all over the world, he always makes it known that his home is in the BAY.

E-40’s supernatural lyrical abilities take form in “Melt” with lyrics like Water, water, the Waterboy Bobby Boucher/ Drippy neck, spent about $200k. Other artists featured in this video include Nef Da Pharaoh, P-Lo, and Shooter Gang, all from the Bay. This video is an exciting taste of what’s to come as E-40 prepares to release new album Practice Makes Paper! Stay tuned for more of his innovations coming soon…

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