Carolina Panthers Lineman KO’d in Street Fight, Video Shows

Carolina Panthers

Lineman KO’d

In Street Fight

3/16/2019 12:55 AM PDT


Carolina Panthers guard Taylor Hearn had a rough night in Augusta, Georgia … getting knocked out cold in a brutal street fight captured on video.

Here’s the deal … Hearn — 6’4”, 315 lbs. — was outside of a bar Thursday night when he got into it with a couple of guys on the street.

Clearly, the massive Hearn thought he’d be able to bully these guys around, due to his giant size and NFL strength, but he learned very quickly he was wrong. After some verbal insults and tussling, one of the guys on the street cracked Hearn with a straight right to the face that dropped the lineman like a sack of potatoes.

Hearn eventually gets up and appears to be okay … even starting to fight again. Witnesses tell TMZ Sports cops arrived at the scene a short time later … but Hearn was not arrested. In fact, we’re told no one was arrested.

Hearn — who’s 23 years old — was a lineman at Clemson and won the 2016 National Championship at the university (he started all 15 games that season) before signing with the Panthers in 2018. Hearn played in 4 games … protecting Cam Newton.

We reached out to Hearn’s rep … so far, no word back.

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