What Jay Leno Doesn’t Miss About ‘Tonight Show’ Gig

Only “Extra’s” Tanika Ray was with Jay Leno as he opened up on his health and life after late night.

Leno has been busy with his hit CNBC show “Jay Leno’s Garage” since leaving “The Tonight Show.” He pointed out that he doesn’t miss the opportunity to talk politics, saying, “Not at all… It’s a crazy time… When I did it, I don’t think anybody could figure out my politics — you try to humiliate and denigrate everyone equally. I did it when Bush was dumb and Clinton was horny — it was simpler!”

Leno is still making jokes, but he got serious about leading a healthier life at 68. He shared, “I don’t put myself down as some paragon of health — steak, ice cream, chicken, okay? — but I don’t drink or smoke. It’s not like I’m Mr. Health-Conscious, but I am getting there.”

Leno is also raising awareness about high cholesterol with a new campaign. He commented, “Cholesterol911.com — you go to this website and they tell you what you should ask your doctor.”

When asked if he was working out or doing laps in his top-secret garage, Jay said, “I’m shifting more.”

While surrounded by his million-dollar car collection, Leno revealed that he owns “186 cars.” He joked, “I have 186 cars and one woman. Most guys, it’s the other way around.”

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