No-Spoiler Review: “Shazam” Is So Good, You Might Have To See It Twice!

By C. Brown

(AllHipHop Features) Toput it bluntly, “Shazam” was great! The highly anticipated blockbuster is “Big” meets “Superman”. It is a superhero movie, an endearing family film and a heart-felt coming-of-age story all rolled in one. Surprisingly, there are also a number of darker moments that work incredibly well. “Shazam” is a self-contained origin story, of the super being of the same name, but it does take place in the larger DCEU. There are plenty of of DC character references, Easter eggs, nods to previous events and new surprises. The film also has an excellent John Williams-like score that perfectly fits the heroic tone of the film.

As far as Zachary Levi, who plays the hero, there were initial doubts about his casting, his physical stature, his costume, and more. Forget all of that. Zachary Levi completely nails it! He has the charm, charisma, comedic timing, physicality and most importantly, makes you believe that you’re witnessing a child in a grown superhero’s body. Those that know the backstory of Shazam from the comics will understand that, those that don’t, will need to find out on their own. The remaining cast all do a great job as well. Jack Dylan Grazer (“Freddy”) in particular almost steals every scene he’s in – He and Zach have excellent chemistry. In terms of the action, there are awesome sequences of Shazam being heroic in various life-saving situations as well as several great fights and battles that all roll into an action packed climax. Very Impressive.

If there’s a down side, “Shazam” tends to move a bit slow in the first act to set up the backstory of Dr. Sivana and Billy Batson, the super guy’s alter-ego. But once that’s established, nonstop laughs and action ensue. Also, if you’re not familiar with the character and tend to favor superheroes, of a darker flair (and I don’t mean melanin), you have to know going in that Shazam is the polar opposite of that. The comic book nature of Shazam embodies bigheartedness, gut-busting hilarity and over the top fun. With that said, the movie still has enough scares, magical elements and exciting action scenes to provide plenty of edge and excitement.

This film truly has something for everyone regardless of age or style of comic book movie you prefer. It’s a charming superhero film that’s humorously self-aware but also very clever in its execution. I highly recommend checking this one out!

Lastly, there are TWO post credit scenes so stay seated! ✌🏿

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