Melissa Gorga Says Teresa Giudice Is ‘Being Strong’ as Husband Joe Faces Deportation

“Extra” caught up with Joe and Melissa Gorga at a celebration for Joe’s new book “The Gorga Guide to Success,” and they opened up about his sister Teresa Giudice and her husband Joe.

On Thursday, Joe Giudice was released from prison after serving 41 months for mail, wire, and bankruptcy fraud. After his release from Allenwood Low Federal Correctional Institution in Pennsylvania, Giudice was taken to an immigration detention center.

In October, a judge ruled to deport Joe to Italy after he completed his sentence. He immediately filed an appeal. Now, he awaits a ruling on the case.

Joe Gorga told us of Teresa, “She is hanging in there — what else can she do? At least he is out and he has a 50/50 shot. We’ll see what happens.” Melissa added that Teresa is “being strong.”

Teresa was also at the event to support her brother. Did she give him any advice? She would only say, “Of course I did — I am a New York Times best-selling author.”

While she did not comment on her husband’s release, Teresa revealed that she was doing yoga, saying, “I need it, I need it.”

As for his book, Gorga explained, “It’s about my life, growing up, how I got into real estate, how to treat a woman, your wife, your children, how to be a man.” He added, “It’s about motivation, all about motivation.”

Are you heard?

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