Jared Goff Goes Public With Smokin’ Hot Model Girlfriend At Best Buy

Jared Goff

& Smokin’ Hot GF …

We’re Best Buy Official!!!

3/15/2019 9:55 AM PDT


Here’s Jared Goff proving he’s having a GREAT off-season … taking his relationship with his smokin’ hot model GF public Thursday — and yeah, dude’s definitely winning.

The lovely lady is Christen Harper — an Instagram model with over 200,000 followers — and rumors have been swirling since January that the two are an item.

The L.A. Rams QB reportedly wanted to keep the relationship on the DL during L.A.’s run through the playoffs … but now that that’s over — the two are running public errands like they have nothing to hide!

TMZ Sports spotted the pair leaving Best Buy in Woodland Hills — and Jared didn’t object to our photog calling Christen his “girlfriend” … even thanking us for saying she looks great!!!

By the way, Jared also gave us his opinion on the Odell Beckham trade to the Cleveland Browns … but he wasn’t in much of a mood to stay any longer to chat after that.

And, after looking at these pics … can ya blame him?!?!

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