Paul Manafort Gets Almost 4 Extra Years of Prison in Second Sentencing

Paul Manafort

Getting Almost 4 More Years

For Conspiracy Case

3/13/2019 9:48 AM PDT

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Paul Manafort is nearly doubling his time behind bars — another judge just sentenced him to an extra 43 months … which will shake out to about 4 more years in the pen.

President Trump‘s former campaign manager went through his second sentencing Wednesday in D.C., where a judge presided over the criminal case Robert Mueller‘s office prosecuted. Manafort got an additional 43 months in prison … on top of the tax and bank fraud sentence he got last week.

You’ll recall … Manafort got 47 months in that matter. This additional time will bring his full prison sentence to 7 1/2 years.

This second case includes 2 conspiracy charges. Federal prosecutors accused Manafort of witness tampering and obstruction of justice after he was released on bail … saying he urged 2 witnesses to commit perjury in his defense.

That got him sent back to the slammer, where he’s been ever since last June. For the record … Manafort pled guilty to the 2 conspiracy charges. 

Manafort reportedly apologized for his crimes as he read a statement from his wheelchair, and begged the judge to “let my wife and I be together.” He reminded the judge that he is about to turn 70, and his wife is 66.

Manafort was reportedly sentenced to 60 months of count 1 — 30 months of which will run concurrent to the time sentenced last week — and another 13 months on count 2, which will be served consecutively.

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