David Irving Says Weed Offers Are Rolling In After NFL Retirement

Cowboys’ David Irving

Weed Offers Rolling In

… After NFL Retirement


David Irving — the NFL player who quit over the league’s marijuana policy — says he’s getting into the weed business … and he’s already brainstorming names for his new company. 

Remember, the 25-year-old went to social media last week — lit up a joint — and announced he was leaving the Dallas Cowboys and retiring from pro football, despite the fact he’s a pretty solid player. 

So, what’s next for Irving? A lot, actually. 

Irving tells us he’s doing everything from producing TV shows to working with FUBU … and, of course, he’s already planning to launch his own strain of marijuana.

“It’s gonna be that 9-5-OG” Irving says … referring to his jersey number on the Cowboys. 

“It’s been going crazy. It’s been off the hook. I’ve had a lot of good emails. A lot of good text messages and a lot of good conversations. There’s a lot of options, and a lot of ways I can go.”

As for his Hollywood plans, David says he’s the executive producer for a new TV show called “Behind The Money” — hosted by Daymond John and FUBU co-owner J. Alexander … which premieres in May.

“Things are going well, man. I can’t complain right about now.”

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