Wagenheim Can Conor McGregor get out of his own way?

When Conor McGregor was a young lad in Dublin, training in martial arts and eking out a meager living as a plumber’s apprentice, he devoted himself to envisioning a bigger and better future. He had become a believer in the power of creative visualization, so as he set out to transform his imagining into glorious reality, McGregor was pushing himself toward a destiny his mind had already created.

As the Irishman grew closer to becoming the biggest star in the UFC, he might have even pictured himself one day having the means to fly his entire family to Miami in order to celebrate his mum’s 60th birthday at the $1,000-a-night Versace Mansion. What a proud night that must have been for the McGregor clan. The photos the former two-division champion posted on social media in recent days reveal a family basking in the luxurious spoils of the son’s magnificent success.

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