Suicide Threat Tip Sends Cops Scrambling to R. Kelly’s Chicago Home

R. Kelly

Suicide Threat Tip

… Sends Cops Scrambling to Singer’s Home

3/12/2019 4:06 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

Someone in Chicago called 911 to report a mass suicide was about to go down at R. Kelly‘s Chicago home, but it turned out to be a false alarm.

Police descended on Trump Tower in Chicago Tuesday afternoon, after an anonymous caller claimed Azriel Clary and 4 other women who were alleged victims had a suicide pact and were planning on carrying it out. 

Sources close to the embattled singer tell TMZ that police officers just left after going inside R. Kelly’s unit and speaking to R. Kelly’s attorneys, who assured them everyone was fine.

Turns out the call was from the National Human Trafficking Hotline.

It appears the call was bogus, because our sources say R. Kelly had been meeting with his attorneys in his pad for at least two hours before cops showed up. 

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