Sportscaster Warner Wolf’s ‘Plantation’ Case Dismissed, Charge Dropped

Sportscaster Warner Wolf

Charge Dropped in ‘Plantation’ War

… Case Dismissed

3/12/2019 10:40 AM PDT

Exclusive Details

Chalk this one up as a WIN for Warner Wolf — the legendary sportscaster’s charge has been DROPPED in his battle over his gated community’s “plantation” sign.

As we previously reported … officials say Wolf ripped the word, “Plantation,” off the sign of the private community where he lives, “Classics Plantation Estates” because he believes the word is offensive.

Wolf had lobbied the homeowners association to make the change for years  — but on Nov. 30, the 81-year-old was fed up and did the job himself.

Wolf was charged with felony criminal mischief last month … but the 81-year-old says it was all worth it … ’cause the case has been dismissed, he tells us.

“My attorney called me last night and said the prosecutor had decided to have the charge dismissed. Criminal mischief,” Wolf says.

“I gave them $1,100 [for the damages] …I was in jail for 4 hours. It wasn’t fun.”

Wolf is a sports broadcasting legend — he worked for ABC Sports and called Monday Night Baseball, football and the Olympics. He also had a cameo in “Rocky IV.”

Oh, and you’re probably wondering — “It was worth it.”

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