See Will Smith Face His Fear of Doing Stand-Up Comedy on Upcoming Facebook Watch Episode


Will Smith is living his best life, and his new Facebook Watch show, Will Smith’s Bucket List, is proof.

Aside from embarking on daring adventures and overcoming many obstacles on his documentary-style series, the 50-year-old actor is diving into a new arena: stand-up comedy.

In Smith’s upcoming episode, which airs on Wednesdays, the Aladdin star surprisingly admits he’s “never done stand-up.”

To help him out, the legendary actor enlists none other than Dave Chappelle to be his mentor.

“You call your brother, I come running, man,” Chappelle tells the Suicide Squad star in an exclusive clip shared with E! News. “I appreciate you,” Smith says.

He explains the reason he wants to experience stand-up comedy is because it’s something he hasn’t done. Adding, “I’ve never used my life to create material to try to make people laugh.”

But before Will starts spilling his life story in front of an audience, the 45-year-old comedian shares a bit of wisdom.

“The first thing I’ll tell you is confidence is key,” the A Star Is Born actor explains. “The reason you should be confident is because, primarily, you’re Will Smith.”

While not too many details are shared in the short video clip above, it seems Will is ready to take on the challenge of performing in front of a live audience.

Fans of the actor’s Facebook Watch show know Smith is fearless when it comes to trying new things. On the series, he’s jumped from an airplane and has swam with sharks (!!!). However, doing stand-up comedy was his scariest adventure yet, according to a press release sent to E! News.

To see what the Aladdin star does with his comedy skills, see his new episode on Facebook Watch on March 13.

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