Brie Bella Is a Little Freaked Out About Her Big Move to Phoenix on Total Bellas

Ch-ch-ch-ch-changes! There are lots of ’em on the horizon for Brie Bella, and she really needs to talk some things through. 

“It’s gonna be a long week,” Brie tells her sister at the start of this new clip from Sunday’s Total Bellas, which finds the WWE superstars enjoying a brief moment of reprieve amid the chaos of their pre-Evolution media tour.

“We have, every day, early days. No sleep,” Nikki Bella agrees.

But while Nikki is laser-focused on the twins’ exciting professional whirlwind ahead, Brie is a little preoccupied. Those who watched last week’s episode know that’s understandable, since the 35-year-old mom of one recently made some pretty enormous decisions about her future—like the fact that she’ll be retiring from wrestling and moving to Phoenix once her and Nikki’s Evolution comeback tour is finished. 

Oh, and she’s ready to continue growing her family with Daniel Bryan, too.  

“I just can’t wait for next week to come because it’s gonna be, all of a sudden, normal life. Like, being with Birdie every day,” says Brie in the clip, referring to her and Bryan’s adorable toddler Birdie Danielson. “And it makes me excited to move to Phoenix just to know that I’ll have more stability and that things will just feel a little more normal.”

Of course—even without the additional stress of touring with WWE— the pro wrestler is still feeling apprehensive about what personal chaos lies ahead.

“I think going back to the ring really taught me where I’m at in my life and where I want to be. But I just don’t know what to expect when the second baby comes,” Brie admits in a confessional. “I mean, two kids? Birdie feels like two kids so now I’m gonna feel like I have four…So, it freaks me out a little bit. Because am I gonna really lose all of Brie?”

Hear Nikki’s thoughts on her sister’s retirement plans in the clip above!

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