You’ll Never Guess Leighton Meester’s Latest Obsession Courtesy of Adam Brody

Peggy Sirota/Shape Magazine

Surfs up, Leighton Meester!

While many may know the Hollywood actress for her role as the preppy and affluent Blair Waldorf, the proud mom has an adventurous side some may not know about.

When covering the April issue of Shape magazine, Leighton revealed a new habit she picked up. Spoiler alert: We have Adam Brody to thank for this new skill.  

“Last year, I took up personal training,” she revealed to the publication. “My husband also taught me how to surf, and in the last year, I got really into it.”

Leighton added, “I’m also making time for soaks in the tub, even though there’s often a toddler in there with me.”

With physical exercises also comes healthy eating. And while Leighton says she follows a radio of “60:40 or 70:30” in terms of healthy foods versus whatever she wants, there are some favorites she can’t say no to.

Leighton Meester, SHAPE

Peggy Sirota/Shape Magazine

“If I have a really nice, fulfilling breakfast and lunch, then for dinner, all bets are off. For breakfast, I keep all the stuff for my morning smoothie in the freezer in resealable bags, so it’s pretty much all measured off—a lot of kale and spinach and collard greens,” Leighton explained. “At work, I have salads with chicken or turkey or fish prepared by a personal chef, and then for dinner I’ll maybe eat tacos or whatever I crave—and fudge mint cookies.”

She added, “I love them so much that we always joke, Have you had your cookie today? Like it’s my vitamins.”

A cookie a day keeps the doctor away, right?

Perhaps the most important part of Leighton today remains motherhood and being a great role model for her daughter.

“I feel that I am really lucky, and yet, still, I stepped into the hardest job in the world: being a mom,” the Single Parents star shared with Shape. “One thing I have come to learn as a parent is that you have to step back and let your child struggle a little—let them fall down at the playground. It’s the way they’re going to learn.”

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