Will an Uncommon James Shipping Crisis Further Fuel Kristin Cavallari’s Firing Spree?

Is Kristin Cavallari on a firing spree?

On Sunday’s all-new Very Cavallari, the Uncommon James boss’ employees were fearful of getting the pink slip following a shipping crisis. Not to mention, this in-store drama came about shortly after longtime employee Shannon Ford got the boot.

To make matters worse, Cavallari was out of town in California for the Uncommon James photo shoot.

“I’m on a firing spree,” the mother of three informed best friend Kelly Henderson and hairstylist Justin Anderson. “I’m a little nervous to be here, because I feel like every time I leave s–t hits the fan with the store.”

Sadly, Kristin’s nerves were justified as Head of Operations Brittainy Taylor learned from the company’s customer service team that countless boxes were being shipped empty to patrons.

“I mean, it’s mind-boggling that a box would get shipped empty,” Brittainy lamented in a confessional. “I want someone to visualize for me how that actually happens.”

Furthermore, Brittainy was well-aware that “if you’re not doing your job…you’re out!” Thus, the Uncommon James higher-up channeled Kristin and gave her team a stern talking to.

While members of the shipping squad tried to defend that the mistakes were due to “growing pains” with the company, Brittainy let them know that their excuses were unacceptable.

“It’s embarrassing! And the excuses, that all has to stop—I don’t do excuses,” Kristin’s right hand informed the group. “If you’re not hitting the mark, then I will let you go.”

Since there was no one above Brittainy to discuss this drama with, she knew she’d have to eventually let Kristin know about the situation.

Even though Brittainy informed Kristin that there was “some stuff going on” at the store, she waited until Kristin returned home from the West Coast to share the full update.

“I honestly can’t leave for two days, it’s crazy!” Kristin relayed to her friends. “There’s always something, I don’t get it.”

With the holiday season right around the corner, Kristin was rightfully concerned to hear that 10 boxes a week had been leaving the store empty. Also, the fact they’ve received “30 to 50 calls a day” about the issue had Jay Cutler‘s wife fuming.

“It’s extremely frustrating to hear that empty boxes are going out every week because, not only does that cost the company money, but it’s just an awful reflection on me and my company,” Kristin expressed to the Very Cavallari camera. “So, you get an empty box in the mail, why would you ever come back?”

Understandably, Kristin wanted to know which employees were specifically messing up the orders.

“I want to know who’s sending out empty boxes,” The Hills alum noted to Brittainy. “Because, quite honestly, if you send out 3 empty boxes in a week…I don’t want you shipping. Bye!”

See everything else that went down on this week’s episode, including footage of Kristin’s glamorous photo shoot, in the recap video above!

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