R. Kelly Writing Music to Avert Mental Breakdown

R. Kelly

Focused on Writing Music

To Avoid Mental Breakdown

3/11/2019 3:42 PM PDT


If it seems like R. Kelly is on the verge of coming unhinged that’s because he is — and his music might be the only thing standing between him and a full mental breakdown.

Sources close to the embattled singer tell TMZ … Kelly has been focusing on producing new music. We’re told he sees the writing process as a form of therapy, but maybe more importantly for him at this point … it’s a distraction from his mounting legal battles. 

As you know … R. Kelly was released Saturday from Cook County Jail after finally coughing up his unpaid child support. Actually, he didn’t even pay … he says a “benefactor” covered the tab. 

He’s still facing 10 counts of aggravated sexual abuse in Chicago, new sexual conduct allegations in Detroit and multiple federal investigations — and we’re told it’s all wearing on him.

After the CBS interview aired last week — showing Kelly ranting and crying — many viewers thought he was faking it, or having a very real breakdown. 

We’re told people close to Kelly think that’s exactly what will happen if he stops working on music.

BTW, the new content isn’t for public consumption — we’re told he doesn’t have any plans to release the music. Besides, he doesn’t have a distributor since his longtime label Sony/RCA recently kicked him to the curb

Kelly’s not even recording in a proper studio — remember, he got booted out of his infamous Chicago recording studio, so he’s doing it from his Trump Tower apartment.

Point is … the walls are closing, and we’re told Kelly’s on the edge.

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