Nicki Minaj Forced to Cancel Concert, French Fans Savagely Chant ‘Cardi B’

Nicki Minaj

French Show Can’t Go On …

Angry Fans Chant ‘Cardi B, Cardi B’!!!

3/10/2019 7:46 AM PDT

France loves starting wars, and might have one with Nicki Minaj now after some angry fans turned on her in the most savage way possible.

First off, Nicki couldn’t have been more polite and chill in the way she broke the news to her fans in Bordeaux that Saturday night’s show had to be canceled at the last minute. She says the venue didn’t have enough electricity to pull off the show. The same thing happened at another European gig, but Nicki said she planned to make up both shows.

And, yet … you’ve gotta see how some fans inside the arena reacted to the news — suddenly bursting into a chant of “Cardi B, Cardi B, Cardi B!!!” 

Très sauvage! The damn accents make the diss even worse … in our opinion.  

Anyway, while that was going on inside the arena, Nicki did have some supportive fans outside her hotel.

As for the Cardi chanters — we’re guessing Nicki ain’t sweatin’ them too much.

Ain’t like the French do so well in wars.

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