How sexism will influence the 2020 election

A historic number of women are running for president in 2020, but as these six female candidates embark on their campaigns, they have to contend with one major hurdle their male counterparts do not: sexism on the trail. Research shows that when women pursue executive roles, whether it’s the CEO or commander-in-chief, they must overcome a dizzying array of barriers that men never have to face. And out on the campaign trail, women have historically been berated for their clothing choices, criticized for not smiling, and denigrated for their tone of voice. In 2020, we’re already seeing signs of everyday sexism, such as one reporter who referred to Kirsten Gillibrand as ‘pretty likeable,’ to the volume and style of coverage concerning serious questions, including Amy Klobuchar’s record as a manager. As the election ramps up, how will these double standards continue to play out?

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