Salt Bae’s Shirtless, Logging Serious Workouts on Miami Beach

Salt Bae

Friendly Reminder …

Log All Your Workouts, Bro!!!

3/8/2019 8:07 AM PST

Salt Bae‘s gone full “Rocky IV” mode with his workouts … taking them to the extreme, but instead of snow he’s working it in the sand.

The famous Turkish chef/Internet sensation hit up Miami Beach Thursday making it obvious dude’s never skipped leg day.

Mr. Bae also finds it hard to resist taking his workouts to a whole new level … busting out pistol squats with a freakin’ utility trailer and regular ol’ squats with a damn log!

Check out the vid … Bae’s bud’s right there with him getting it all on video. Probs for the Gram.

Need more proof Salt Bae’s living the sweet life? Check out the chick who couldn’t resist pulling up next to him for a pic. She clearly kicks butt in her workouts too.  

BTW … it’s not the first time Salt Bae’s opted for some bitchin’ workouts. Remember the parachute?

Hate if ya want, but if getting salty’s your thing — here’s a lesson on how to do it right. Like we said, next level.

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