Chris Pratt Punches MMA Fighter In Stomach, ‘Happy Birthday!’

Chris Pratt

Punches MMA Fighter In Stomach

… ‘Happy Birthday!!!’

3/8/2019 3:06 PM PST

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What does Chris Pratt give his friends on their birthday? STOMACH PUNCHES!!

That’s how he celebrated with his pal Adel “Kyokushin” Altamimi — the pro-MMA fighter who Pratt walked to the cage at Bellator 214 back in January. 

Pratt and Adel are close friends — and to celebrate Adel’s big 30th birthday, his training partners at Jay Glazer‘s Unbreakable Gym in L.A. handed out a flurry of body blows! 

It’s a birthday tradition at the gym — hold the cage, flex your abs and everybody gets a shot! 

Among the gift-givers … Chris, Jay and ex-NFL player Nate Boyer

As for the birthday boy, he’s got a pretty amazing story — he was born and raised in Iraq and was contracted as a convoy driver for the U.S. Marine Corps.

During his service, Altamimi was captured by Al Qaeda and was threatened with death — until he was saved by a group of U.S. Marines.

After the rescue, Altamimi moved to the U.S. and began his MMA training — where he became close with guys like Jay Glazer and Chris Pratt. 

Pretty amazing dude. 

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