Watch Mindy Kaling Come to Emma Thompson’s Rescue in Late Night Trailer

Look out for the garbage, Mindy Kaling!

In honor of her upcoming film, Late Night, the funny lady has to dodge the problems of a male-dominated workplace, her boss’ intimidating personality and, yes, even garbage. But, as we can tell from the comedy’s first trailer, released on Thursday, Kaling’s Molly faces all of the challenges with endearing optimism as she lands a job as the only female writer on the show. 

The face of that show? Katherine Newbury, played by the one and only Emma Thompson. The plot thickens, however, when Thompson’s character learns she’s going to be replaced by the end of the year, sending her staff into a frenzy over how to improve her long-running, but dwindling show. 

Zoom in on Molly who accepts the challenge with gusto, unafraid to tell Katherine how it is—and how to make things better. 

“I need your pushiness and lack of boundaries,” Katherine eventually admits. 

“You love me!” Molly realizes. 

“No, I didn’t say that,” she rebuffs. 


Well, we would! And we feel like we’re going to love this movie, too. 

Late Night, also written by Kaling, hits theaters on June 7. 

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