Taylor Swift Burglar Makes Return Visit, Busted Again

Taylor Swift

Rooftop Break-in!!!

NYC Burglar Returns

3/7/2019 5:58 AM PST

A Taylor Swift obsessed fan is in custody after going full cat burglar, allegedly … the guy was busted after climbing onto her roof and kicking in a door … and it’s not his first time on the premises.

Law enforcement tells TMZ … Roger Alvarado managed to get on the roof of Taylor’s Tribeca pad early Thursday morning — around 2 AM — but once he busted down a door to gain entry her alarm system sounded. We’re told Taylor’s security team reacted immediately, calling cops to the scene.

Alvarado was arrested on the scene, which has gotta feel like deja vu for him. Alvarado was arrested last year at this same residence. You might recall, this is the guy who actually took a shower in Taylor’s pad before he was arrested last year.

In December, he pled guilty to attempted burglary and criminal contempt. He was sentenced to 6 months, but clearly didn’t serve that full time.

Taylor was not home at the time, and Alvarado is still in custody.

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