Ryan Seacrest Tells Blac Chyna to Leave Him Outta Her Drama

Ryan Seacrest to Blac Chyna

Leave Me Outta Your Drama w/ Kardashians!!!

3/6/2019 10:07 AM PST

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Ryan Seacrest‘s got a message for Blac Chyna … her mess with the Kardashians has nothing to do with him so leave him the hell alone.

Ryan’s legal team has filed new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, explaining why he should NOT be forced to sit down for a deposition by Blac Chyna’s team. As we’ve reported … BC sued the Kardashian klan claiming they threatened to yank ‘KUWTK’ from E! if the network didn’t cancel “Rob & Chyna.”

BC’s fight has now spilled onto Ryan’s table … first by going to his company asking for tons of docs. Ryan’s team says it provided more than 800 pages to prove he’s not directly connected to her case.

But, she’s not taking the hint. Ryan’s team argues BC trying to depose him is an attempt to harass and burden him. Ryan’s legal team is also adamant … Ryan has zero relevant testimony to offer.

Chyna begs to differ … saying Ryan congratulated Rob with a tweet on the pickup of a second season. Ryan’s team says BC’s team has failed to articulate how Ryan’s single tweet directly connects him to personally being involved in the show.

And, get this … for wasting his time with this legal mess, Ryan wants her to fork over $2,460 for his troubles. 

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